Where to Stay in Vrindavan

January 19, 2010

Where to Stay in Vrindavan

Maheswari Ashram (442-043) is a recommended place, about a ten-minute walk from the ISKCON Temple. Basic rooms with bath are Rs 75, and there are rooms with small kitchen areas for Rs 100 in the new building. It is a popular place and will definitely be full during festival times. You can have a rickshaw driver bring you to Maheswari Ashram for Rs 5.
Santi Ashram (445-823, 442-227) is a decent place, right next to the ISKCON property, on the backside. Rooms are Rs 75 to Rs 200 (for a big room). Because it is close to the temple, it is a safe place to get to at night. I would not leave anything valuable in a room here, as I know someone whose room got broken into here.
Denuka (443-018, 444-925), near the ISKCON temple, is a newly built place with good rooms with hot water for Rs 200. It is a recommended place, but will usually be full during festival seasons and Kartika.
Fogal Ashram (442-319), a third of the way to the downtown from the ISKCON temple, is a large place that has very basic rooms with bath for Rs 60 and Rs 100. The Rs 100 rooms are a little newer. For location and quality this is not a very good choice, but because of its size a room is usually available, even when Vrindavan is very crowded and everything else is full.
Temple & Garden (also called Temple Gardens) (442-225) is a nice place that has big rooms with a little kitchen area for Rs 225 to Rs 275 a night. It is a suggested place in a quiet area, but it is a little hard to find. The easiest way to get here is to have a rickshaw driver bring you. If you go down the street toward downtown, from the ISKCON Temple, after an eight-minute walk you come to a sign that says Bhaktivedanta Swami Ashram. You turn left here and go to the end of the road and this place is right in front of you.
ISKCON Guest House (442-478, 442-591) is one of the best places to stay in town. Smaller rooms are Rs 250 and standard doubles are Rs 300. There are more expensive rooms, which are more likely to be available, some with hot water and an air-cooler for up to Rs 450. It is often full, so it is best to book a room in advance. Even then, during the festival times and during Kartika (Oct/Nov), you most likely will not get a room here.
Chintamani Kunj (442-503) is a five-minute walk from the ISKCON Temple on Bhaktivedanta Swami Marg, going away from the downtown. It has good rooms for Rs 200 and Rs 300 during the high seasons.
MVT Guest House (443-400, 444-671, 444-672; fax: 442-592; email: mvt@pamho.net), located just behind the ISKCON Temple in Raman Reti, is a newly built place with spotless, modern rooms with bath, hot water and a kitchen for Rs 600 and Rs 800 for an A/C room. It is located behind the ISKCON Temple, in a peaceful location. It is one of the best places in town and is recommended. They may offer discounts during the off-seasons. There is a good A/C restaurant on the top floor of the guest house.
Citrakut Dhama (442-729), next to Bhaktivedanta Swami Gate, about a three-minute walk from the ISKCON temple going out of town, has basic rooms from Rs 100 to Rs 200. Prices change depending on the time of the year. There is a large statue of Hanuman in the same complex as this ashrama.
Govinda Bihar, (442-440, 442-113), down the side road across the street from Fogal Ashram, at the end of the street on your right, has good rooms for Rs 125 and Rs 175. I didn’t see the difference between the two rooms. It has A/C rooms for Rs 500.
Nandavana Hotel (442-649, 442-517), a 15-minute walk from the ISKCON Temple (3 minutes by motor rickshaw) going towards the Delhi-Agra road, has rooms for Rs 700 and Rs 1000 with A/C. The rugs really need a cleaning. It is a good place, but is inconveniently located.
Jagat Guru Dhama (442-717), on the way to the Nandavana Hotel, has good clean rooms from Rs 200 to Rs 400. This place does not allow foreigners to stay, but Indians can sometimes stay here. It is a very good place, but will often be full during the festival times.
Krishna Nivasa Rohtak Wali Dharamshala, behind Fogal Ashrama, is a new place that has rooms with bath for Rs 100. It is a good place, but is not very conveniently located. To get here you first go to Fogal Ashram. If you are standing on the street facing Fogal Ashram there is a road on your right. You go down this road to the intersection. At the intersection there is a road slightly to your right, which you go down till it dead-ends. This place is the last building on your left. There is no sign in English for this place.
Bhaktivedanta Swami Ashram (442-620), down a side street between the ISKCON Temple and Fogal Ashrama, across the street from Temple Gardens Guest House, is a decent place with rooms for Rs 100/150 a night. There is also a room with kitchen facilities for Rs 200. Linen and a pillow are Rs 10 extra, as the rooms have beds, but no mattresses or pillows. To get here you go towards the downtown from the ISKCON Temple towards Fogal Ashram, after an eight-minute walk you come to a sign that says Bhaktivedanta Swami Ashram. You turn left here and this place is at the end of the road on your right.
Meera Mohan Atithi Bhawan (442-233), beginning of the downtown, has rooms with hot water and an air-cooler for Rs 200 and Rs 500 for an A/C room. Unless you want to be in the downtown, this place is inconveniently located, and the rooms are also over-priced.
Prabhupada Vani Ashram (442-177) has clean rooms with common bathrooms for Rs 100. It is a peaceful, quiet place, not far from the ISKCON temple. To get here if you come out of the gate outside the ISKCON Guest and make a right and a right at the junction after 20m (65 ft). You then walk to the end of the road and then make a left. This ashram is then on the left after around 50m (160 ft).
Baya Baba Ashram (445-193), right across the street from the ISKCON Guest House gate, has rooms with common bath for Rs 100/150. The place is really basic, but conveniently located for the ISKCON Temple.
Temple Tha. Shri Sakkhi Gopalji (442-140), on the left side of the front of the Govindaji Temple, has eight nice rooms for Rs 150. The manager Ajay Kumar Mishra is a nice, efficient person. He is also a good taxi driver and knows the Braja area well.
Meena Dharamshala has rooms for Rs 30/50.
Bajrang Vatika (444-328) has rooms for Rs 40.
Tulasi Nivas (444-113) has rooms for Rs 30/60 and Rs 80.
Sri Krishna Niwas (442-040) has rooms for Rs 70.
Vaisnava Shakti ???Pita??? (444-858) has rooms for Rs 100.
Gita Mandir (445-473) has rooms for Rs 50/100.
Prabhu Dayal (445-652) has rooms for Rs 150 to Rs 200.
Balaji (443-414, 442-180) has normal rooms for Rs 150 and better rooms for Rs 300 to Rs 600.
Savitra Yagashram (443-817) has rooms for Rs 400.
Nandan Kanam (443-755) has rooms for Rs 300.
Govind Mohan Guest House (443-239, 442-456) has rooms for Rs 250/400 and Rs 500 with A/C.
Srinath Dham (443-801) has rooms for Rs 300/600.
Banke Bihari Guest House (443-530) has rooms for Rs 400/600.

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